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Hair Mesotherapy

About Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy

The middle layer of the skin is called the mesoderm. Mesotherapy, named after the mesoderm, is applied to the middle layer of the skin. vitamins, minerals that the body needs for healthy hair, injection of substances such as protein, enzymes and various drugs is a practice that is realized through the use of the. The nourishing injection mixture is injected into the desired part of the scalp.
or all of them. In general, mesotherapy, skin renewal, rejuvenation, spot
and also serve purposes such as wrinkle removal, cellulite removal
is a regenerative treatment. Mesotherapy applied to the scalp is very effective in combating hair loss.
The injection nourishes the hair follicles and makes the hair stronger, more vibrant and healthier. In this way, while reducing hair loss, the formation of new hair is also supported. Hair mesotherapy can also be applied to strengthen thinning and weakening hair and scalp.

Advantages of Hair Mesotherapy:
  • Natural and Safe: Hair mesotherapy involves injecting a special mixture of the patient's own blood into the scalp. Therefore, it is a natural and safe treatment method.
  • Revitalizes Hair Roots: Mesotherapy reduces hair loss and promotes new hair growth by revitalizing hair follicles.
  • Personalized Treatment: A customized treatment plan is created according to each patient's hair condition. This increases the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Fast and Effective: Hair mesotherapy can be administered quickly and patients can usually return to their daily activities immediately.
  • Application Areas: In addition to hair loss, hair mesotherapy offers an effective solution in different areas such as supporting recovery after hair transplantation, applying to the eyebrow and beard area.

Anesthesia and Pain

Local anesthesia is usually not administered during Hair Mesotherapy because the procedure is usually painless. This offers patients a comfortable treatment experience.

Hair Mesotherapy Stages:

The mesotherapy procedure involves preparing the scalp, injecting a special mixture and post-procedure care. Each step is meticulously carried out by the specialist doctor.

Post-Treatment Care:

After hair mesotherapy, patients are offered a special care plan. This plan is designed to strengthen the hair and promote healthy growth.

Treatment Outcomes:

Hair mesotherapy results are usually visible within a few months. Patients can have healthier and more vibrant hair.

Hair Mesotherapy Recovery Process:

The healing process is usually quick and patients can return to work or daily activities immediately. Symptoms such as swelling or redness are usually temporary.

Hair Mesotherapy, performed by experienced hair treatment specialists in specialized clinics such as Demiderm Hair Transplantation Polyclinic, offers a natural and effective solution to people struggling with hair loss. This treatment aims to strengthen and revitalize hair follicles by injecting a special mixture of the patient’s own blood into the scalp. Hair mesotherapy is an effective option to provide permanent results and restore the natural appearance of hair. You can contact our experts for more information and a personal assessment.

Demiderm Hair Polyclinic

Hair Mesotherapy requires a personalized treatment plan and your specialist doctor will work to determine what is most suitable for you by assessing your hair condition. Hair Mesotherapy involves injecting a special mixture into the scalp to revitalize hair follicles and reduce hair loss. A special mesotherapy plan is created according to the needs of each patient and the treatment is applied.


It is important to consult hair transplant specialists to get a personalized consultation and treatment plan.

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