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endearru(0232) 464 09 34Mon - Sat: 8:30 - 19:00 FREE HAIR ANALYSIS


All hair transplantation procedures performed in the Demiderm hair transplantation clinic are guaranteed for LIFETIME.


There is no standard formula for the mixtures used in Demiderm hair mesotherapy.


The scientific and medical literature was reviewed and it became clear that hair vaccination has no place in medicine.


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Don’t miss the opportunity of free hair analysis! Get detailed information about the condition of your hair with our free hair analysis service offered by our expert team at Demiderm Polyclinic. Fill out the form now to get one step closer to the healthy and strong hair of your dreams.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Hair Transplantation?

Anyone whose general health condition does not pose an obstacle to the operation under anesthesia and who has an appropriate number of hair follicle reserves in the donor area can undergo hair transplantation.


When Should I Get a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation can be performed when your hair begins to thin, sparse or when the balding is sufficiently pronounced. It is important to determine the type of hair loss before the operation, so that men under the age of 25 are primarily recommended and treated with supportive therapies.

Why Should You Have a Hair Transplant?

The most effective and long-term solution for male pattern balding is hair transplantation and it is the ultimate solution. Great results are obtained in genetic hair loss treatments in women. This treatment has also been effective in baldness caused by surgery, burns, accidents and similar reasons.

Fue Method

Performed by experienced hair transplant doctors in specialized clinics such as Demiderm Hair Transplant Polyclinic, FUE hair transplantation is an effective option to provide natural and permanent results for people struggling with hair loss.

DHI Method

DHI hair transplantation (Direct Hair Implantation), also known as Direct Hair Implantation, is one of the solutions produced as an alternative to the FUE technique in hair transplantation procedures.

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), known as platelet-rich plasma therapy, is a treatment applied in the form of injection of blood taken from the person into the necessary body tissues after undergoing a number of procedures.

Hair Mesotherapy

The middle layer of the skin is called mesoderm. Mesotherapy, which takes its name from the mesoderm, is an application performed by injecting substances such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and various drugs that the body needs for healthy hair into the middle layer of the skin.

Beard Transplant

Beard transplantation is a procedure in which an individual’s healthy hair follicles are taken and transplanted into the problematic area to achieve a natural-looking beard or mustache appearance.

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation is a method used to regenerate eyebrows that have fallen out for various reasons or to thicken the existing eyebrow structure.


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With our innovative service approach, expert staff and modern facilities, we strive to provide you with the most effective and reliable solutions. Innovations in our treatments and services are designed to achieve better results for you. When you are with us, you will experience the advantage of cooperating with a polyclinic that not only focuses on your health, but also follows the innovations in the sector.

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Demiderm Polyclinic was established in 2003 by adopting the principle of "health first" and started to serve. With its expert staff in the field, we prioritize the health and satisfaction of our clients who reach us from many parts of the world. Based on the health and satisfaction of our valued clients, we follow all technological developments in the field of health and aesthetics and strive to bring you healthier and more beautiful days.

Why us?

Demiderm Polyclinic serves with a team of specialized doctors and experienced nurses. We work with trained professionals to provide you with the best and reliable health solutions.

Demiderm Hair Transplant Polyclinic

Since 2004, with our doctors, nurses, estheticians and dieticians, we have been following all technological developments in the field of beauty based on the health and satisfaction of our valued clients and we are working to bring you healthier and more beautiful days.


Demiderm Founder

Hülya DEMİRAL is a well-known and experienced specialist in the field of hair transplantation. Born on 01.06.1963 in Ankara, he continued his education in Germany. Her passion for hair transplantation and hair health has shaped her career.

Our Team

  • Barış Kızıldağ

  • Armağan Baykara

  • Orhan Yılmaz

  • Hami Tandoğdu

  • Özlem Şahan

  • Hülya Demiral



  • I am very pleased with the hair PRP procedure I had done about 2 months ago. First of all, I would like to thank the valuable Armağan Nurse, who patiently responded to every question, who did not lack interest and smiling face in every process.
    Valuable people in an institution raise the value of an institution.

    A. K.
  • It is a polyclinic I have been going to for a long time. A highly professional and friendly team welcomes you. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

    M. Ü.
  • I had a hair transplant about 1 month ago, I was very satisfied with the hygiene, the friendly staff and the doctors. 6200 grafts were transplanted, they were with me throughout the whole process, they still call me and ask me about my well-being, when I come to Alsancak, I never return without stopping by, a warm environment like a family. They are also very successful in their work, I am very satisfied, I recommend it to everyone, especially do not return without seeing Hülya, transportation is also very simple.

    İ .Y.
  • I came from Canada to do the FUE procedure and I am very happy with my decision. The whole team made the process very easy for me. They took care of the hotel and transport and were super friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend it! I will miss everyone and hope to come back!

    G. S.
  • First of all, it is a business that I met after many years of research, a business that carries out all its work with a professional team that thinks every detail to the end, with documents approved by the Ministry of Health and a professional team, when we look at before and after, such a change in 6 months surprised both the people around me and me. I would like to thank all the team who contributed, especially Ms. Hülya, Mr. Ali, Mr. Orhan, Ms. Aslı, Ms. Armağan, if you are going to have hair transplantation, I would recommend a business that stands behind its promise to everyone.

    Ö. K.
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